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Nothing is quite as satisfying as creating with one's own hands.   In 2002, Emelmahae Soap Company (now studio11soap) was established based on my quest for natural body products and a need to explore new aspects of my creative spirit. Commercial products did the job, but seemed harsh and filled with more synthetics than truth in advertising. I felt there had to be something better, something gentle to our skin and our environment. So, I was enthusiastic when an artist friend, Ka Graves, gave me a book on soap making. This simple gift opened a whole new world of expression, using all the elements that appealed to me…herbs, clays, vitamin-rich plant oils and

fragrant, pure essential oils. I dove into research, took an herbal study course, and once that first batch of soap was made…well…I couldn't stop!   
We at Studio11Soap take an artisan approach to production, creating small batches by hand in a modest soap studio. Our passion is to take simple ingredients and transform them into something that makes our customers smile in the shower at the beginning of the day. Yes, a simple bar of soap can do that. Amazing! Today, Studio11Soap has grown to be more than just soap---take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy a bath soak, give your skin a fresh glow with a body scrub, or discover why shea butter is the ultimate moisturizer. We're always working on developing new products and scent combinations to thrill the senses.

And if that isn't enough to make you smile, Studio11Soap remains a green company. Along with using natural and organic ingredients, our products are packaged in recycled/recycleable and sustainable materials whenever possible. We follow the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra in our daily activities in the studio and take pride in producing eco-friendly products for you, your friends, and your family.

--Kari Snodgrass 
Founder of Studio11Soap

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